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Beware of Telephone Scams 


Fraudsters are targeting people by “cold calling” them on the telephone.

The scam starts with the following simple activity:

1. They will state that they are from the Bank Fraud department, the Police or other Law Enforcement.

2. They will tell the victim that fraud is being carried out on the victim’s
bank account and that to prevent it they will tell you they :-


........need to access your bank accounts online.

 .......need you to hand over your pin numbers and bank cards to a courier/official sent to collect them.  

.......need you to hand over money to a courier or official who will be sent to collect them. 

....... need you to transfer your money to another “safe” bank account(s) which they provide details of.

3.  In order to get you to believe their credentials they will often ask you to
telephone the “fraud” number you may have on the back of your bank card,
or they may even ask you to telephone the Police to check that there is
an official investigation, or telephone your own bank once the phone
call to them is terminated.

Do not be fooled !!

Do not telephone anyone at that stage ..... as the caller will have stayed on the line which keeps the phone line open and you are simply telephoning them back without realising it.
They will then continue, with your assistance, in stealing your money by any of the above methods.


Your bank, or the police, will never telephone you “out of the blue” to ask
you to transfer money into another account or hand over any of your
money or bank cards.

It is your

 The bank or the police will never ask for your personal bank account details, or pin numbers over the phone. 

If you really want to check the credentials of a caller then
 go into your
 and ask to speak to the bank manager or use another phone to call
the bank or police.
If you are still unsure then phone the police on 101
......or 999 if you feel really threatened.

Never discuss your banking details with strangers who may call you !

If you have any crime information you would like to share with Home Watch members please will you email this to us at


Home Watch Members please be vigilant of your home security and look out for your neighbours property as well.

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